Self-host Guide

Download Self-host package:

How to deploy:

  • Extract the zip file into a folder.
  • Upload the "out" folder to any static web hosting (Netlify, GitHub Pages, Cloudflare Pages, AWS S3, etc.) to host the files. That's it!
  • You must deploy the app at the root level of your domain or subdomain. Deploy under a subfolder will not work. For example: will work, will work, will not work.
  • The zip file name indicates the version of the app. There maybe a new version available online. To receive the latest version of the app, go to for more information.
  • Note that in the current self-hosted version of TypingMind, it is not possible to change the branding name and customize the UI.


Update to latest version:

Your License:

  • ✅ You only have access to the compiled code of the app.
  • ✅ You have permission to deploy and use the compiled code on your own server.
  • ❌ You do not have permissions to modify or redistribute the compiled code.
  • ❌ You do not have permissions to share or resell the compiled code.

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